Horizon Tangier Terminals Ltd
Horizon Tangier Terminals Ltd has a strategic location on the North African coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at the crossing of two major maritime routes, and well positioned to draw on business with Europe, with the facility only 15 km from the European Union.

The location of the terminal is expected to enable it to serve more than 300 million consumers through industrial and commercial free zones. Horizon Tangier’s petroleum storage terminal will supply Gasoil and Motor Gasoline from central Morocco to the North. In addition, the Tangiers terminal will provide bunker services as well as serve the transit market for international petroleum marketing companies. The importance of the Strait of Gibraltar region to East-West traffic is partly evidenced by the size of the bunker market.

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Tangier, Morocco
Products: Fuel oil, Gasoline, Gasoil
Tanks: 19 tanks total capacity 532,900 m
5 x 40,200 m– Fuel Oil
1 x 14,400 m - Cutterstock
1 x 14,400 m - Marine Gasoil
5 x 27,100 m– Clean products
3 x40,000 m– Clean products
2 x 14,400 m– Clean products
1 x 9,400 m– Clean products
1 x 9,400 m - Blending Components
Access: Vessels & Road Tankers

Berth 1 – 30,000 DWT to 150,000 DWT

Berth 2 – 30,000 DWT to 60,000 DWT
Berth lines:

4 x 16” Clean Petroleum Products

2 x 20” Fuel Oil (electrically traced pipelines).

 (All lines are fully piggable.)
Additional Facilities:

8 Truck Loading bays (Top Loading) for petroleum products

Rail wagon loading

Blending & recirculation systems
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