Horizon Singapore Terminals Pvt Ltd
Horizon Singapore Terminals Private Limited is situated on Jurong Island, the petrochemical hub of Singapore, the world’s top bunkering port by volume. Jurong Island is home to over 94 leading petroleum, petrochemical, specialty chemical and tank-terminalling companies, offering a full spectrum of integrated logistics and supply chain support services. The strategic location of the Terminal on the south-western quadrant of Singapore provides for smooth marine traffic movements for tankers that call at the Terminal, ranging from Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC) to small bunker barges. The Terminal caters to the storage, handling and blending requirements of National Oil Companies, Oil Majors, Traders and Bunkering companies, and is designed for multi-berth discharge and loading operations to maximize throughput capacity for its clients. Horizon Singapore Terminals Private Limited is an integral component of the global pricing mechanism for crude and refined petroleum products in the region.
Jurong Island, Singapore
Products: Petroleum Products (Naphtha, Gasoline, Jet A1, Kero, Diesel Gasoil, Fuel Oil, MTBE, Blend Stock, Cutter Stock, Bunkers)
Tanks: 59 Tanks, Total capacity 1,252,000 m

Fuel Oil Light / Middle Distillates
2 X 13,500 m3
2 X 15,400 m3
4 X 20,700 m3
1 X 26,700 m3
1 X 27,400 m3
5 X 30,700 m3
6 X 41,000 m3
3 X 45,900 m3
4 X 3,000 m3
1 X 6,400 m3
4 X 7,600 m3
5 X 10,000 m3
2 X 13,500 m3
6 X 15,200 m3
3 X 18,500 m3
2 X 19,500 m3
2 X 20,400 m3
1 X 23,000 m3
1 X 24,200 m3
3 X 26,700 m3
1 X 30,700 m3
Access: Vessels (Max. Draft 16.5m)
Jetty No. DWT LOA
1 20,000-275,000 150m-333m
2a 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
2b 120,000 250m
2c 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
3a 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
3b 10,000-50,000 200m
3c 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
4a 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
4b 10,000-50,000 200m
4c 2,000-10,000 75m-120m
Berth lines:
Fuel Oil Clean Petroleum Products
3 X 24”
1 X 20”
5 X 16”
5 X 12”
3 X 16”
Additional Facilities:

           Multi-Berth Discharge / Loading

           Nitrogen system for Tank Blanketing / Line Pigging


           Heating (Thermal Heaters)