Horizon Djibouti Terminals Ltd

The location of Djibouti on the straits of Bab el Mandeb, Red Sea is considered very strategic to the global oil trade routes since it is on the crossroad of major shipping lanes ( Med-Suez-Arabian Gulf). Djibouti also offers the ideal location to access the Horn of Africa's other local markets especially Ethiopia, Somalia & Eritrea. Horizon Djibouti Terminals Ltd state of the art facilities offers deep water draft dedicated jetties and large tank capacities to meet break-bulk & consolidation of cargoes, contango & arbitrage storage as well as strategic storage requirements, over and above meeting in-land road deliveries.
Doraleh Free Zone,
Republic of Djibouti
Products: Petroleum Products
Chemicals & Edible Oil
Tanks: 31 tanks total capacity 399,300 m
12 x 15,000 m– Gasoline, Gasoil, Kero, Jet A1, Fuel 180cst
2 x 16,100 m JP-5
2 x 31,790 m F-76
3 x 15,950 m– Gasoil, Kero, Jet A1,
1 x 31,850 m– Gasoil, Kero, Jet A1,
1 x 6,500 mm– Fuel 80cst
3 x 1,100 m Chemicals
4 x 1,100 m Edible Oil
3 x 450 m LPG
Access: Vessels & Road Tankers
Berth: Berth 1 – 80,000 DWT, 18 meters draft, 244 meters LOA
Berth 2 – 30,000 DWT, 10 meters draft, 180 meters LOA
Berth Lines: 3 x 16” Clean Petroleum Products
1 x 16” Fuel 180cst / bunkering
1 x 12” Jet/kerosene
1 x 10” Gasoline
1 x 10” Fuel Oil
2 x 8” Diesel
1 x 8” LPG
(All above lines are fully piggable.)
Additional Facilities: 12 Truck Loading bays (Top & Bottom Loading) for petroleum products
1 Truck Loading bay (Top Loading) for Chemicals & Edible Oil
Nitrogen Generator for Blanketing, inerting & pigging
LPG Bulk Truck Loading
Independent Laboratory
Power from Diesel Generators