Horizon Emirates Supply & Trading Terminal

Independent Bulk Liquids Storage Terminal

Horizon Emirates Supply & Trading Terminal was commissioned on 5TH Oct 2008. The terminal is located inside the Port Of Fujairah, which is considered to be a future UAE oil hub. The port facilities, important crude storage tank farms, oil/chemical plants, storage and pipeline distribution networks, provides direct access to many local and national markets as well as an excellent opportunity for international marketing and distribution. Horizon Emirates Supply & Trading Terminal occupies 38,500 sqm land, provides total shell capacity of 217,360 cbm. Movement of products is managed through a fully automated process. The core operational function is product movement by marine vessel. The facility also caters to storage, handling and blending requirements of Class I products.
Port of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
Products: Naphtha/ULG, Jet A-1, Gasoil
Tanks: 11 Tanks, Total capacity 217,000 m.

All tanks are designed to store class-1 product, with specified Fire Fighting System. Fast flush system provided with each tank for water draining.

Access: Sea Vessels

Fujairah Oil Tanker Berths OT-1 – 4 common user berths (OT1 B-1/OT1 B-2/OT1 B-3 & OT1 B-3E).

LOA 250 meters, Draft 13.5 meters, DWT 120,000 MTon

Berth lines: 4 Nos Dedicated Dock-lines, 20 inch Dia, with pigging arrangement.
Additional Facilities:

Blending facility available

Connectivity provisions to proposed Retail Terminal

Automated operations.

Pumping rate:

ENOC Fujairah ENOC terminal will cater to ESTC trading business

2800 m per hour per product. Total 6 product pumps