EPPCO International Ltd
EPPCO International Ltd facilities cater to domestic fuels namely Gasoline, Diesel Gasoil, Fuel Oil, Asphalt & MC Asphalt supplies. Aviation requirements of Dubai & Northern Emirates, Bunkering, re-exports and strategic defense storage.
Independent Bulk Liquids Storage Terminal - Jebel Ali & Fujairah
Products: Naphtha, Condensate, Mogas, MTBE, Jet A1, Kerosene, Diesel Gas Oil, Fuel Oil, Asphalt & MC Grades
Tanks: 55 tanks total capacity 936,700 m
Access: Sea Vessels & Barges, Road Tankers, Pipeline connectivity to Enoc Processing Co Ltd refinery, Jet A1 pipe line to Dubai Airport (59 kms), Neighboring Oil & Non Oil Companies.
Berth: Jebel Ali : 5 common user berths. Draft 14 meters, 110,000 dwt
               1 common user berths. Draft 13,70 meters, 70,000 dwt
               3 common user berths. Draft 7 meters, 5,000 dwt
Fujairah : 2 common user berths. Draft 12 meters,   40,000 dwt
Berth Lines: Berth lines range from 10” to 20” for Gasoline,  Jet A-1, Diesel Gas Oil, Fuel Oil & Asphalt grades.
Additional Facilities: Road Tanker Loading Gantry (TTLR)
Heaters for Asphalt Tanks and piping
Blending & Additive Injection for Gasoline, Fuel Oil & Jet A1. Filtration & Treating unit for Jet A1