Sep 17 2006  
Horizon Terminals Ltd (HTL), was recently a key sponsor of StocExpo (Storage Terminal Operatorís Conference and Exhibition) Middle East, which took place in Dubai on September 11th and 12th. StocExpo Middle East brought together tank terminal operating companies (oil, chemical and gas producers) from throughout the region and beyond. Delegates to the conference had the opportunity to discuss the latest issues concerning the terminalling industry with the focus being on operations and total quality management systems. In addition, visitors to the 1,000m≤ exhibition-spaces were able to see the latest technology in the market. Yusr Sultan, Chief Executive, Horizon Terminals Ltd, said: ďAs a fast growing player in the regional terminalling market, HTL is proud to participate in and sponsor the inaugural StocExpo conference in the Middle East.Ē As well as acting as a sponsor for this renowned Global event now brought to the Middle East, HTL also participated in the conference with a speaker from its Group, Mr. Waddah Ghanem, Group Environment, Health, Safety and Quality (GEHSQ) Compliance Manager, who presented the latest HTL Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Quality (HSESQ) Management System elements. With a presence across the UAE, KSA, Djibouti and Singapore, HTLís vision is to become one of the leading international terminalling service providers by the year 2009 in the petroleum products, chemicals and other bulk liquid products.

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